A Little About Me

Hi, I'm Deb - I am our Senior Designer. I am one of those rare Colorado natives, having lived on both the plains and the mountains of this state I call home. I feel comfortable in both the city or in a tent! My husband and I moved to Summit in 2005 with his kids and mine, since then we've seen plenty of changes through the years and are now quiet empty nester's.  Leaving us more time to focus on our loves. As much as we enjoy our home and family, we love to travel, taking in new sights and experiences as we find them.

When it comes to interior design, I have over 15 years of education & experience in assisting clients with selecting furniture, decor, window treatments, and interior finishes, as well as re-designing rooms, kitchen & bath design and remodeling.  After being an executive assistant in a previous life, I finally found my groove doing something I LOVE!  The best reward for me is when I can make a difference in my clients lives. Some designers have a unique or signature style and people flock to them for that look. I pride myself in being pretty unique. My style? Well, I keep that for my home, what makes me feel at home probably wouldn't work for you and what works for you would be great to visit, but wouldn't be me either. THIS is main reason I took the path to design was because I truly admired so many elements of design, all different styles, colors, and the moods they can create! It's intoxicating! These are the reasons I love what I do.  I get to put that love to work for my clients.  I believe good design revolves around function and safety while being beautiful. I provide our clients with my best to give you the home of YOUR dreams.  At the end of the day we all deserve our own personal retreats!