For the DIY Warriors

Are you looking to remodel and wishing you could hire a designer, but haven't won the lottery yet?  Would you like to pick my brain for an hour or so, to verify your ideas & colors will work, before you implement them?  Guys, does your wife complain about the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom or any other room and wants you to fix it, but you don't know where to start?  And the thought of paying a thousand dollars for your wife to sit and scheme with a designer to blow the budget gives you nightmares?? 

Relax, we've got this and we can stay within a realistic budget.  How you ask?  What if we told you for $325 you can have access to our expertise for up 2 hours for whatever room or rooms, to find the solutions for your home, with your style and with your budget?  Seriously!!!  It's not as unattainable as you may think!  Remodel mistakes are expensive!   Or even worse living with the furniture that doesn't REALLY fit in your living room because replacing it is simply not in the budget.

Ok, so what happens when you have questions after our two hour meeting?  You're not alone! We've got you covered, you can still give us a jingle or an email with your questions when details pop up along the way. We bill our hourly rate in 6 min increments for continuing advice for the projects we discussed during your initial consultation.

Maybe 2 hours aren't enough, maybe you would rather have a personalized road map for your project.  Check out our E-Design services!  What's E-Design? It is a service set up for customers outside of our regular service area and for people who want a plan, and want to implement it themselves.  For a flat fee, we create a design for your room with an easy to follow plan, based on the photos and measurements you send us of your room.  The design includes a shopping list of where to buy that you need, complete with photos and a space plan where everything goes!!  It's a little more depending on your room for the design, for example for a standard sized master bedroom design, is $495.

We are excited to announce we are now part of the The Design Network!  What does that mean to you? This means when we create that shopping list for you, we can create it on a board through our TDN profile and you can order direct to your home, including white glove delivery at your convenience and when your budget allows! How great is that! 

Still overwhelmed? Or maybe you already dove in and bit off more than you can chew? We still have you covered.  Call us for an estimate for your project.  We are here to help with as much as you need & can afford to as little as you want! 

Give us a try, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised!  Call or email us today to discuss your project!