design Consultations


A Design Consultation is up to 2 hours in length, depending on the scope of the project. Prior to our meeting, we request you schedule an Introductory Phone Call, where we take 30 minutes to discuss your design project needs and access the best way to serve you. Then we'll have you book the appropriate consultation to move forward. Once you've booked a design consultation, you will receive a questionnaire for you & your family members to fill out according to your project , wants, needs, personal style and lifestyle.  This questionnaire allows us to maximize our time together during the consultation.

Our consultation is two hours of intensive and customized ideas for your home. We start with a tour of your entire home and discuss the needs and goals for each room. You can expect recommendations for improving each area as we walk through. During the tour, we will also be identifying the areas of your home that you want to address first. We will then sit down to formulate a plan for improving the priority areas.  We will provide more detailed information for the priority areas, with handwritten notes and quick sketches (if applicable). You are welcomed to take notes if you like. You may also show us any inspiration photos you may have been collecting. During the final 20 minutes we will go over with you how we work, discussing our 15 Step Process and answering any of your questions and if you would like to go ahead with our design services, we will go over our Letter of Agreement and collect a retainer to get started.

Our 2 hour In-Home Design Consultations are $347.